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While enjoying your stay at The Red Lion Hotel in Henley-on-Thames, retreat to a private space of tranquility where you can indulge in our massage and holistic treatments. Our expert therapists will make your visit relaxing, rejuvenating and special. After your treatment, you are invited to take a few more moments for yourself while you enjoy a mug of organic herbal tea.







During our signature massages, you will be bathed with the blend of warmed organic, therapeutic oils of your choice. These treatments include neck, shoulders and back; arms and hands; hips, legs and feet as well as face and scalp.

Flowing River Relaxing Massage

Allow your stresses to fall away with this delightful massage. Flowing strokes and organic aromatherapy oils help you to slow down and connect with your inner peace. Classic Swedish massage is accented by a mix of specialised techniques applied with a light soothing pressure.

60 minutes     £68
90 minutes     £93

Revitalising Deep Tissue Massage

Release built up tension in your body with this expert treatment. Firm pressure is used to soften and re-balance tensed muscles. Pinpoint pressure is then applied to knotted areas so that you experience relief. Focused attention can be requested for you problem areas.

60 minutes     £72
90 minutes     £97

Hot Stone Massage

Experience a new level of peace and relaxation with this truly indulgent head to toe 90 minute massage.  Warmed basalt stones provide a deeply soothing heat as they glide across your muscles, melting away every remaining trace of tension. 

30 minute massage add on     £37
90 minutes head to toe             £112

Indian Bliss Massage

The long, smooth strokes of this ancient massage from India is complemented by imported organic herbal Ayurvedic oils chosen specifically for your unique body type. Inclusion of the abdomen and chest re-connects you to your body’s core. Pressure is applied according to your preference. Our Ayurvedic Dosha analysis with personalised advice is your to keep.

60 minutes     £80
90 minutes     £106


Don't let limited time keep you from spoiling yourself. These shorter treatments aim to leave you energised and feeling refreshed. Indulge your senses by choosing the organic aromatherapy oil best suited to your needs.

Indian Head Massage

Escape to India for this soothing, yet stimulating head, neck and shoulder experience. Pressure of the marma points on the scalp and neck and therapeutic hair-pulling send tingling sensations and instant waves of relaxation through the entire nervous system. Extended treatment time includes face massage.

30 minutes     £34
45 minutes     £51

Must-Have Back Massage

Reduce headaches and relieve pain with this must-have treatment. Remedial techniques such as acupressure, compression and focused tapping help you stretch, loosen and release the commonly affected muscles of the neck, shoulders and back.

30 minutes     £34
45 minutes     £51


Connect with you inner wellspring of energy through our holistic treatments. These alternative healing systems are known around the world to bring your body, mind and spirit into balance. You will remain fully clothed.

Tradition Thai (Yoga) Massage Session

Thai massage is an ancient healing art using acupressure and gentle yoga stretches. The therapist uses their hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure and help improve your natural energy flow and healing.
In conjunction with flowing, gentle yoga stretches, blockages are released to enhance the free flow of the body's natural life force. Pregnancy Thai Yoga massage is also available.

90 minutes     £102
120 minutes   £124

Reflexology Session

Soothe your tired feet and energise your whole body. You will receive a light shoulder massage as you begin with a herbal foot bath of healing magnesium salts from the Zechstein Sea. You will then lie in comfort as deep acupressure is applied to pressure points of the feet to stimulate each body system and aid your body’s natural healing process.

30 minutes     £38
60 minutes     £62

Reiki Session

Float away to another realm while your therapist uses light touch to align the energy centers of the body. An ambiance of peace is created with low lighting and hypnotic music playing in the background. Common experiences include a feeling of lightness, increased vitality and an improved overall sense of well-being.

30 minutes     £38
60 minutes     £62

Craniosacral Therapy

Gentle listening touch is used during this treatment. Your body is invited to connect with its own healing ability to bring about deep, ever-present inner health. A sense of wholeness, inner peace and balance is often experienced after a treatment. We suggest the 25 minute treatment as a top-up to any of our warm oil full body massages.

30 minutes     £38 (top up only)
60 minutes     £62


We provide the option to book two treatments at the same time, in separate rooms. Please inquire when booking.

Personalised Massage Workshop

Learn to massage your partner or a friend with hands-on instruction from one of our expert therapists. You will learn the basic principles of massage therapy. Each participant will then be guided through methods designed to soothe aches and pains and relax the body. A 150ml bottle of NHR Organics aromatherapy massage oil is yours to keep.

120 minutes    £165

Please call 01491 572161 to book your treatment,

 or to speak to the managing therapist.


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